Name              Muhammad Rizwan

Nick Name    Rizwan3D

Email              allgame45@hotmail.com

Age                   19

Gender           Male

Facebook      fb.com/rizwan3d

Twitter           @rizwan3d

I am a programmer, web designer and web developer ,experience in c#,C,C++,vb.net,HTML5,CSS3 and JavaScript.



Microsoft Certified Programmer in C# (DEV204x)


Linux Foundation Certified in Linux Operating system (LFS101x.2)

Microsoft(VA) Certifications

Programming in C# Jump Start

Introduction to Mobile App Development

HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Build Apps for Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

Profile Link

RankSheet Certifications

1 Android for users
2 Blogger
3 C# 2010
4 Facebook
5 Firefox
7 Internet Explorer 8
8 Internet Explorer 9
9 JavaScript
10 MS Word 2007
11 Windows Command Prompt

Profile Link


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